Candidate Testimonials

Not sure if BiblioTemps® is right for you? Hear what candidates had to say about their experience: 

“I am so happy I found BiblioTemps®. I am on my second placement and love the flexibility and opportunity to learn new things. This truly is perfect for library students. Amanda was so responsive and helpful at every step of the way. My supervisor also commented at what a joy it was to work with Amanda to find temps for her library.”


“I feel renewed energy around librarianship as a whole, thanks to my experience with BiblioTemps®. I appreciated Amanda’s professionalism and responsiveness. I really felt supported during this experience.”


“I feel BiblioTemps® offers a valuable placement service for library and knowledge organizations. More of the them should take advantage of the service. It is a win/win for both them and the BiblioTemps® worker. Amanda and Heather have been very professional and have offered timely communication before and during my placement with the Hopkinton Public Library. They have answered any questions that have come up and explained any processes. They are supportive and wish to see the BiblioTemps® candidates succeed.”


“I appreciate having the opportunity to gain more library experience. I had a very positive experience and have recommended others to join BiblioTemps. Everyone has been so kind and supportive and understanding of my professional goals.”