What do temps say?

Not sure if BiblioTemps® is right for you? Hear what temps had to say about their experience:  (from BiblioTemps® presentation given at ALA National 2014)


“As a new library school graduate, BiblioTemps® gave me the opportunity to work in a professional capacity and gain valuable experience of the operational needs of a library. Kelly’s creativity to craft a job-sharing position and the library’s flexibility to accept this revised role worked perfectly for the two of us who shared this position. The wonderfully supportive library staff encouraged me to pursue permanent employment and, when the time came for me to interview for my current position, I am sure the experience I gained at BiblioTemps was an added benefit.  My director had been pleased to learn BiblioTemps was back in service as a staffing option for libraries. Thanks BiblioTemps®!”

— Catherine

“Working as a BiblioTemps® was such a great opportunity to learn new skills and also to get ideas for things to try in my regular library. I feel that the experience of getting to know different libraries really helped me to think more creatively about ways to better serve patrons.”

— Robin

“Working as a BiblioTemps® is great! I get to see how other libraries run, meet new people, and broaden my work knowledge. My resume is more diverse now through my BiblioTemps® experience.”

— Allison

“As I was deciding to retire two years ago, I approached BiblioTemps®. I was looking for challenging opportunities that would keep me active in librarianship, but leave me time with my family. Kelly interviewed me about my interests – interim administrative and project-based positions. BiblioTemps® has given me these. It’s been an exciting time, and I’ve had opportunities that I otherwise would not have had.”

— Mary

“In my career as a professional librarian I have worked in many settings and types of libraries.  I would have never dreamed unemployment would be in my horizon. The knowledge I received from Bibliotemps®’ placements has broadened my professional career by giving me the opportunity to experience work related software and procedures that I would not have had the opportunity to be exposed to. Knowing that I can “dive” into a different setting gave me confidence that I can use my past experience to do a good job. I felt better about my situation representing the library profession as a true dedicated experienced worker. Libraries have been my passion so assisting libraries when they are temporarily in need of assistance to maintain quality service to their clientele is satisfaction guaranteed.”

— Sharon

“I was able to choose the hours that worked for me and the library. As a BiblioTemps® employee, now a director at a public library I will look to BiblioTemps® for my temp staffing needs and my not so temp staffing needs.  Maybe I will be able to find the employee I am looking for, through BiblioTemps®.”

— Carolann

“After taking a year off, I knew I would have trouble getting my library career back on track, and I was worried about committing to a full time schedule again. Bibliotemps® gave me the opportunity to work part time, close to home, doing something completely new to me.”

— Anne

“I am a retired paralibrarian from a college library and heard about BiblioTemps® while I was still employed. After I retired I knew I wanted to keep in the loop on a part time basis as I winter in Florida. BiblioTemps® found me a position in a local library for the summer and fall at the circulation desk which is a win-win situation. I earn some spending money, keep active in my profession and help the requesting library with their staffing needs.”

— Cindy