What do clients say?

Not sure if BiblioTemps® is right for your library? Hear what former clients have to say about their experience: (from BiblioTemps® presentation given at ALA National 2014) 


“BiblioTemps® has been instrumental in keeping Smith’s Teaching, Learning, and Research services afloat during a period of institutional reorganization and major staff transitions. With two open librarian positions and the retirement of the department head, we approached BiblioTemps® to find temporary staff to provide classroom instruction, staff the reference desk, coordinate selection of new materials, and provide other liaison services to academic departments in the humanities and social sciences. BiblioTemps® provided us with two librarians with spot-on subject backgrounds and the professional skills to help us maintain services without overwhelming permanent staff. With the arrival of our new director, our continuing support from the BiblioTemps® temps this fall will give us breathing room to assess staff responsibilities and develop job descriptions that align with the new library structure.”

— Barbara Polowy, Head of Hillyer Art Library,  Smith College Libraries, Northampton, MA


“BiblioTemps® came to our rescue when a key staff member re-located.  They were able to find someone who met all our requirements:  familiarity with our ILS, comfort in teaching technology to our patrons and the ability to handle a busy Reference Desk with minimal support or supervision.  We were so delighted with our “temp” that we asked her to join our list of on-call substitutes!  Working with BiblioTemps® was smooth and painless. They handled all the details of recruiting and interviewing temporary candidates and took care of all the payroll paperwork as well. Having survived two other departures earlier in the year, my staff was relieved that they didn’t have to pull double-duty yet again and I was thankful to be able focus on finding a permanent staff member without distraction.”

— Noreen O’Gara, Assistant Director, Bedford Free Public, Bedford, MA

 “Bibliotemps® is a brilliant idea that is well-executed: match talented professionals to short term Library positions, with a flexible pay scale related to skills needed, from staffing the desk to running the Library.  In July 2012, when four staff members retired, we could not have remained open without Bibliotemps® staff, and we hired on two temps who have become invaluable members of our Library team!”

— Beth Gallaway, Library Director,  Grafton Public Library, Grafton, MA


“BiblioTemps® is a great, handy resource when a library needs to fill a temporary position. When the Shrewsbury library had to fill a temporary vacancy for a reference librarian, we approached BiblioTemps® and we got a prompt response from them, with recommendations of 3 professional librarians. Kelly emailed me their resumes and said that they were ready to be interviewed immediately. After we picked a candidate, Kelly contacted him and we interviewed him and he started work within a week. Our experience with BiblioTemps® was very positive and I would unreservedly recommend their service to any library.”

— Priya Rathnam, Assistant Library Director,  Shrewsbury Public Library, Shrewsbury, MA


“Our Bibliotemps® person allowed us to keep cataloging operations running smoothly during the busy summer season when we were extremely short on staff.  When our cataloger returned from sick leave, she was able to jump right in and not be so far behind.”

— Patrick Marshall , Director, Jonathan Bourne Public Library, Bourne, MA

“BiblioTemps® is a library director’s best friend.  Kelly does all the work, and we reap the benefit.  She has a great corps of temps and always meets our “must have by” deadline.  I can honestly say that I have wanted to hire every candidate she has sent us.  As it turns out, we were able to steal one of her temps, and what a steal.  He’s fresh out of library school, has great interpersonal skills, and is a wonderful addition to our staff!” 

— Carol Verny, Director, Haverhill Publis Library, Haverhill, MA


“BiblioTemps® was able to provide my library with very short term staffing so that the majority of library staff could attend the wedding of a co-worker.   Kelly arranged for two temps with relevant library experience to come to the library for a short training session the week before the date.  They worked with one regular staff member on that Saturday and provided seamless service to our community.”  

— Bernadette Rivard, Library Director, Bellingham Public Library, Bellingham, MA


“BiblioTemps® worked very well for SPL. It offered a good selection of temp employees with the right skills, at a fair price, and plenty of flexibility – just what we needed to address our short-term vacancies. Using BiblioTemps® helped us get through a period of great transition, allowing our regular staff to focus on other work.  I would highly recommend BiblioTemps®.”

— Ellen Dolan, Director, Shrewsbury Public Library, Shrewsbury, MA


“How Bibliotemps® helped the Bedford Free Public Library:

 We were able to interview potential temps prior to hiring which made selecting a candidate simple.

  • Bibliotemps® sent us reminder messages about verifying hours and their payroll system was easy to use.
  • We had great success in getting a temp who was already familiar with our ILS and with our library network so we didn’t need to do much training.
  • Working with Bibliotemps® was a great experience. They had a candidate who fit our needs in both experience and availability and were always willing to answer any questions we had.”
— Theresa Maturevich, Library Reference Librarian, Bedford Free Public, Bedford, MA