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Free webinar with publisher! 12/13/13

Naomi House, publisher, editor, and founder of the popular webzine and jobs list (I need a library job), will present:

Mining Massachusetts: a toolkit for librarian/info pro job seekers and their employers

Finding the right job is much like finding the right employee for your position, but when faced with either of these daunting tasks, it can be easy to forget that both sides are on the same team.  And when you are on the same team, you strategize differently.  Naomi will share strategies for both job-seekers and employers, so whether you’re looking for tips about how to answer a job ad or how to write one, this session is for you!

Once you have a better understanding of where you stand, Naomi will also share a toolkit filled with Massachusetts-focused job hunting online resources, as well as national sites everyone should follow, because you can’t begin to mine if you don’t know where to mine.

This free Massachusetts Library System webinar will take place on Friday 12/13/13 from 1-2pm.  Register online!