Guidelines for Temps

Guidelines for BiblioTemps®

Principles of Service | Hiring Process | Placement Process | Professional Development

Our Principles of Service

BiblioTemps® subscribes to the following principles for library workers:

  • Be punctual, efficient, and professional.
  • Provide excellent customer service to all patrons.
  • Honor the right to know: pass no judgment on what patrons read, view, or borrow.
  • Protect the confidentiality of the intellectual property at your work site.


Our Hiring Process

Step 1: Application
To get started, apply online by submitting a current résumé to the Candidate Pool You may apply for a specific position, or to the BiblioTemps® pool (“BT Pool”) to be considered for all positions.

Step 2: Interview
When we have a placement that your skills and experience are a good match for, we contact you to see if you are interested and available. Before your first placement we will conduct a screening interview to get to know you. We also check your references. Occasionally, we hold Open Interview Days when anyone can set up a BiblioTemps® interview to learn more or join our pool!  BiblioTemps® will also provide candidates with a brief orientation to our services and procedures. Congratulations! As part of the BiblioTemps® team, you will be eligible to receive short-term library employment assignments that match your skills, experience, and availability.


Our Placement Process

Step 3: Assignment
Each assignment begins with a request for personnel from the employing site. BiblioTemps® will match the skills and abilities requested with eligible temps in our database and provide the employer with résumés to review.

If you are selected:

  • You will be contacted with the details of the placement, including location, duties, duration, and rate of pay.
  • If you are unable to accept, your name will stay in our pool for future assignments.
  • Before your first placement we will set up a screening interview and check your references.

Step 4: Employment
When you are hired for an assignment, you are an at-will employee of the Massachusetts Library System, which runs BiblioTemps®. MLS will issue your paycheck and pay social security and unemployment taxes and insurance. We now offer Sick Leave benefits as well.

For first time placements:

All new hire paperwork is issued through our online onboarding system. You will receive email notifications with all the documents you need to complete and sign electronically.  Please complete these by the due date indicated. Some employers require CORI background checks. If you are chosen for a role and a CORI is required, an additional CORI acknowledgement form will be included in your new hire paperwork. For the I9 form, you will need to bring the proper identification to your work site on your first day. Your supervisor will verify it and complete the I9 form via the SterlingOne website. BiblioTemps® has gone paperless so all compensation will be direct deposit.

As a BiblioTemps® employee, you will be expected to:

  • Report for work to your assigned site manager.
  • Follow your site’s written rules.
  • Submit bi-weekly timesheets signed by your site supervisor to BiblioTemps®.
  • Notify your site manager with advance notice if you need to be late or absent for a shift. Report any sick leave taken on your timecard.
  • Contact BiblioTemps® immediately regarding any complaint about the work site, such as work conditions, harassment, or discrimination.

When your assignment ends, BiblioTemps® will return you to the pool of eligible candidates. An assignment might end early if:

  • You and site manager are not mutually satisfied with the fit.
  • Your plans change, and you give us notice.
  • Your placement is terminated for cause.

In some cases, early termination of an assignment might preclude you from consideration for future BiblioTemps® employment.


Professional Development

BiblioTemps® encourages all team members to take advantage of opportunities to expand their skills. For this reason, BiblioTemps® employees are eligible to participate in MLS continuing education workshops on a space-available basis at no cost. To participate:

  1. Visit the MLS events calendar to find workshops of interest.
  2. Register online. Please note that you are a BiblioTemps® employee when you register.
  3. After you complete the workshop, send the BiblioTemps® manager a copy of your completion certificate so we can add it to your file.