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Bet You Didn’t Know! BiblioTemps® Curiosities

BiblioTemps® was started in 2004 by the Central Massachusetts Regional Library System (CMRLS), which made 189 placements in 74 client libraries in the five years it operated the service. BiblioTemps® was discontinued in the merger of the six regional library systems into MLS and was relaunched as an MLS service in May 2012.

From 2012 to 2017, BiblioTemps® has helped 89 libraries by successfully filling over 290 placements. Our client libraries consist of 63% public, 25% academic and 12% special or school libraries. We have filled 15 Interim Director placements, 70 Reference Librarian roles, 14 jobs in the Children’s department and 130 positions in Circulation and much more.

We have filled some specialized roles that you may not have expected which include Business Office Assistant, Local Music Collection Cataloger, MakerLab Coordinator, and Library & Technology Services Specialist. The shortest temporary role was for one day and the longest was a position started in April 2014 and is ongoing as of November 2017.

Surprised? Call BiblioTemps® today to see what we can do for your library. BiblioTemps® is the Staffing Solutions for Libraries! Contact Shelah Coullard at 508-357-2121 ext 322 or