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Taking on a Project? Think BiblioTemps®!

In mid-July, MBLC announced the Provisional Construction Grant recipients, which awards monies to libraries to for “Planning and Design” and “Construction”. To redesign, renovate or move a library is a huge undertaking that requires coordination, time, and effort from all members of the library staff. The logistics alone are complicated and can be extremely stressful. The Eastham Public Library knows all too well what this exciting but difficult project involves. The final stage to any move is, of course, physically transferring the entire contents of the building to the new location. You could close the old building, pack everything, ship it to the new location, unpack everything, re-shelve all the books, and set up all the equipment and then, finally, open the doors! This means your library has to close for weeks or even months. Or you could move and set up the new location over a period of time while maintaining the old or temporary facility. Eastham Public Library did just that! To ensure their staff was not overworked and stressed out, they called BiblioTemps® to the rescue. We provided a qualified paraprofessional who had worked in the CLAMS library system and was able to step in and serve patrons at their old location for two months while the regular staff moved and trained in the new location. Debra DeJonker-Berry, the Library Director at Eastham Public Library had this to say about BiblioTemps®, “We moved into our new library.  Our temp enabled staff to be able to get into the new library before opening WHILE keeping our temporary library open.”

Library projects are a fantastic way to add to your patrons’ experiences, but they can also overburden your regular team. Let BiblioTemps® help by employing skilled and trained temporary staff during your next project! For more information about how BiblioTemps® can help your library, call Shelah Coullard at 508-357-2121 ext. 322 today!